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Formulary Appendices
Appendix A Exception Drug Status (EDS) Program - April 2018
Appendix B Online (EDS) Adjudication - August 2015
Appendix C Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) Policy - June 2017
Appendix D Saskatchewan MS Drugs Program - April 2017
Formulary Indices
Index A Therapeutic Classification List - June 2012
Index B Alphabetical List of Pharmaceutical Product Name - June 2012
DACS Committee Members - August 2017 DACS Committee Terms of Reference - April 2016
Formulary Preface - March 2017 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers List - May 2017
Inherited Metabolic Disease Benefit List - August 2016 Codes For Pharmacy Online Claims Processing - February 2018
Special Coverage - March 2017 Trial Prescription Program Medication List - January 2012
Maintenance Drug Schedule - January 2012 HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Treatment – April 2018
Hospital Benefit Drug List - January 2017 The Prescription Review Program - Under Revision
Prescription Regulations - February 2017 Health Canada - Adverse Reaction Reporting - January 2012

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