The Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch was formed on April 1, 1996 by amalgamating the Drug Plan program, the Supplementary Health program, the Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) program, and the Income Testing for Special Care Homes.

Mission Statement
Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch promotes citizen-centred service through the provision of drug plan and extended health benefits to eligible residents by:
  • Promoting rational and appropriate use of drug therapies and extended benefits;
  • Ensuring the long term viability of benefits provided by pursuing better value strategies such as low cost alternative policies, product listing agreements, standing offer contracts, generic drug pricing strategies and maximum allowable cost policies; and,
  • Providing quality and timely information to the public and various stakeholders regarding policies, benefit assessment and program utilization.
Branch Role
  • Leading policy development on Drug Plan, SAIL and Supplementary Health and Family Health Benefits related issues.
  • Providing Drug Plan benefits to the eligible Saskatchewan population.
  • Providing non-insured health benefits to residents nominated for Supplementary Health benefits by the Ministry of Social Services, and for residents receiving Family Health Benefits.
  • Providing SAIL Program benefits to eligible residents.
  • Administering, on behalf of health regions, income tested resident charges for residents of Special Care Homes.
  • Providing case management services in appropriate areas.
  • Improving program delivery and accountability to the public and the Legislature through trends analysis and annual statistical reports.
  • Providing funds for various initiatives that encourage appropriate use of drugs, e.g. RxFiles Academic Detailing Program.
  • Using the claims paid database for various studies to promote appropriate use of drugs.