The following forms and program applications are available for download. It is necessary for some of these forms and applications to be authorized by a Physician and/or Pharmacist. These forms are also available from the Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch. If you are unable to download these forms, please contact us and we will advise on how to obtain a copy.

Program Applications & Forms
  1. Special Support Applications
  2. Seniors' Drug Plan Forms
  3. EDS Application - Exception Drug Status Request (General Form)
  4. EDS Application - Ankylosing Spondylitis Drugs
  5. EDS Application - Aricept/Exelon/Reminyl
  6. MS Drugs New Patient Application
  7. Tysabri Exception Drug Status (EDS) Application
  8. Gilenya Exception Drug Status (EDS) Application
  9. Lemtrada Exception Drug Status (EDS) Application
  10. Palliative Care Application
  11. Saskatchewan Insulin Pump Program Application
  12. Kuvan Application
  13. Prior Approval Medication Assessment & Compliance Packaging
  14. EDS Application – Hepatitis C Therapy
  15. Tamiflu Copayment Reimbursement
  16. Pharmacy Paper Claim

For a complete list of forms, see Health Forms.

In order to view these files you will require Adobe Reader. Click on the below icon to obtain this reader:

Click here to go to the Adobe Acrobat download website. Link opens in new window.